How to Buy Art Online

Some experts said that an online art market would never happen but more and more art lovers are buying art online. Initially, clients would only buy affordable art online but much has changed over the years and more expensive pieces are being sold on a regular basis. Our gallery has a selection of artworks available for online purchase that have been chosen from some of our most successful and "up and coming" artists. Buyers who do not have time to visit the gallery should have a look at our collection of online art for sale albeit we often recommend a visit to the gallery to preserve the romance associated with the art gallery experience.

It is also true that clients who buy art online need to be mindful in relation to quality and reliability of what is being purchased. A lot of online art is mass produced and commercial so one should always make sure that the artwork is, at least, pre-selected by a reputable art expert before being presented for sale online. Many online art galleries show artwork simply submitted by any willing artist with no selection process or a superficial online approval at best. In fact, many online galleries never phisically see or evaluate the work and the artworks are simply shipped directly by the artist once a sale is made. Furthermore, one of the worst aspects of purchasing art from an art portal is also the fact that the prices are artificially high due to the fact that they are submitted by the artist - there is no objective measure or counter balance limiting what an artist can "value" his/her work and the result is that much of online art is, not only decorative and commercial, but also expensive for what it is.

Our artworks are all in our gallery. The art is selected in person, evauated, framed and priced accordingly. Our 40 years of experience guide us and this is why we are one of the most trusted galleries in London. We sell artwork online and in our gallery but we often recommend a visit as emotions captured in paintings can rarely be transmitted via photograph.