Gallery on Wheels Service


How it works

The right artworks, the ideal frames and the perfect spots

gallery on wheels gagliardi london

  1. Please note that we do have a physical gallery, established in 1978 on the King's Road, and the "gallery on wheels" is a service we offer. If you would like to visit the gallery, please click here.
  2. Gallery on wheels clients should a have a good look at our artworks pages or visit the gallery and let us know what kind of art they desire or which specific artworks they would like to see in situ.
  3. Clients can also give the gallery an idea of taste, preference, budget and other considerations allowing us to make suggestions.
  4. The works can be shown and tried in various locations around the client's space in order to the perfect spots.
  5. Artworks can be taken back to the gallery allowing the client time to think or can be installed immediately during the initial visit.
  6. All works can be framed and reframed following the client's wishes.

gallery on wheels gagliardi


  • No deposit required/free service in the following Areas:
    • Kensington & Chelsea
    • Westminster
    • Hammersmith & Fulham
    • Richmond
    • Ealing
  • £500 goodwill deposit* towards purchases required for other addresses within M25
  • £1,000 goodwill deposit* towards purchases required for addresses outside the M25

* The deposit covers transport, insurance and staff costs in the event that no artworks at all are purchased and is therefore non-refundable.


If you are interested, please feel free to call the gallery on 02073523663 or contact us by email.